In an AR-15 market flooded with more of the same, it's easy to make excuses as a wholesale or retail provider about what could or should be. Whether you are a new entrant or an established company, you understand the call to do something different. So why not do it?

Checkmate Rifle Company will provide you with the access to bring something different to the AR-15 and AR 10 parts marketplace. Whether you are looking for help developing a new prototype, a new twist on an old idea, or even a new way to bring that idea to market, we have the resources available to help you make it all possible.

Your relationship with Checkmate Rifle Company allows you access to our network of manufacturers and suppliers. Combined with our commitment to you and our promise to work with you throughout the entire process, you are assured the fastest time to market that your budget will allow.

Specializing in the sourcing of AR15/AR10 M4 components in volume, we deliver high quality and high margin parts, allowing you to deliver the best made components for the best price on the market.

We deal in integrity. We maintain that our manufacturers and suppliers must stand behind everything they make or offer. Anything less than that is unacceptable. This delivers to you the complete satisfaction that you and your customers expect with your products.

Checkmate Rifle Company is also a manufacturer type 07 FFL. We can provide you with anything from your own line of complete AR-15's to custom built barreled upper assemblies. We offer branding, R&D, prototype manufacturing, as well as full production lines. We also offer OEM services including custom packaging and private-label branding in addition to market strategies.

Explore your possibilities of doing something different. See what it is like to work with a company that treats you with respect, acts with integrity, and creates new opportunities standing beside you.