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Let us help you get exactly what you need from your firearm. From AR 10 parts, to an AR15 kit or a complete, custom build, we’ve got the passion, experience and customer service to satisfy your AR needs. We’re always adding new products of the highest quality and we are committed to providing what you need, quickly.

There’s no need to shop anywhere else; Checkmate Rifle Company has everything you need right here. Let us help you with parts or custom builds. Whether you’re looking for the best, all-around firearm for a specific purpose, something unique for your collection or a good, multi-purpose piece, we’re ready to help.

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  • Competition-Grade Performance You don’t have to spend thousands on an AR 10 or AR15 match-grade rifle.

    Checkmate Rifle Company delivers sub-MOA accuracy from our entry-level offerings up to our highest performance rifles. We source high-quality, US-made components and develop proprietary parts so you can have a rifle that will out-class anything else in its price range. Why settle for a cheap entry level gun, and why spend thousands on an AR that is backed by expensive marketing instead of accuracy and satisfaction? Checkmate Rifle strikes the balance between price and performance our customers seek and appreciate.

    We have access to a vast network of manufacturers and suppliers and we specialize in sourcing AR 10 parts, AR15 kits, and M4 components in volumes which ensure you’ll receive the best price on the market. Additionally, we offer branding, R&D, prototype manufacturing and full production lines. We also provide OEM services including custom packaging and private-label branding in addition to market strategies.

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